Music Group

The music group is established for students who are interested and talented in music to choose one of the following groups to participate :

  1. Singing group ;

  2. Instrument ensemble group ; or

  3. Music composition and arrangement group.

Course objectives

to gain delight and enjoyment in the music learning experience ;

to develop musical skills, improve singing and performance skills as well as the expression of music ;

to develop creative thinking and imagination, to nurture aesthetic sensitivity and the ability to appreciate music ;

to understand the context of music and the contribution of music to human life and society ;

to cultivate positive attitudes towards respect for multiple values and different cultures and

to cultivate a lifelong interest in music.

Course content

Singing group

Students learn basic singing skills in class, divide into different parts to practice various types and styles of choral repertoire so as to master skills of choral singing and appreciate the beauty of singing harmoniously.

Instrument ensemble group

According to the combination of musical instruments learned by the group members, they select different types and styles of works for practice and rehearsals for mastering ensemble and collaboration skills.

In addition, the music groups can learn to have new lyrics writing for existing songs, conduct music study and group presentations, appreciate various types of music works, and deepen their understanding of composers and performers in class. The school also arranges for music groups to attend concerts, rehearsals for operas and musicals; to participate in performances in school and outside, including Open day, School Anniversary celebration, Annual concert, Speech Day, Aesthetic Development Variety Show and Joint School concerts. Moreover, they are encouraged to participate in HK Schools Music Festival, Joint school choir competitions, instrument solo and ensemble competitions etc. By participating in different types of music activities, students have the opportunity to develop their musical talents, enrich their performance experience, enhance their self-confidence, and broaden their artistic horizons. Through learning and appreciating the music performances or works of others, the students can improve their appreciation of music and other arts, as well as their aesthetic quality.

Music composition and arrangement group

The application of music computer software and basic music composition skills are taught in the course, so that students can use computers or laptop to create their own musical works, thus arousing their interest in music creativity. The course includes the use of free online Music software - Noteflight to create melodies, the Apps - GarageBand for music arrangement, and post-production skills such as mixing and exporting digital music files. At the end of the course, students need to complete and present their music compositions.

Music composed by students:

  • Awakening

  • Dancing robots

  • Digital world

  • Fantasy

  • Friends forever

  • Harmony

  • Longing for freedom

  • My secret garden

  • Never gonna give you up

  • Smarty spies

Event photos

Instrumental group gave presentation and performance at the Aesthetic Development Variety Show.

Instrumental group played Christmas carols joyfully at our school campus on Christmas Celebration day.

Brass ensemble performance at the 45th Anniversary Open Day.

Choral performance by AsD singing group and our choir at the 45th Anniversary Open Day.

Beautiful singing of the singing groups at the 45th Anniversary Open Day.

The parade performed successfully in 2019 was a collaboration of all the Aesthetic development groups.

Singing group together with the choir, gave performances at the Annual Concert and Speech Day in 2019.

Singing group joining with the choir, participated in the Joint School Music Competition 2019 – Girls’

choir singing the Challenge event and attained Gold award.