Aesthetic Development

Aesthetic Development is a school-based curriculum organized for all senior secondary 4 students, in which various courses are provided to arouse students’ interest in performing arts, and to achieve a healthy life, a balanced and whole-person development with enriched learning experiences.

The subject covers a total of seven groups, including "Dance Group", " Music Composition and Arrangement Group ", "Singing Group", "Instrument Ensemble Group", "Fashion & Image Group", "Drama Group" and "Stage & Props Design Group". All courses are conducted by school teachers or external instructors who have expertise in arts to assure high quality of the courses.

Through Aesthetic Development, students can choose activities according to their own interest, and can learn the arts in a more relaxing way through appreciating, creating, performing and reflecting. The school hopes to develop students’ creativity, cultivate aesthetic experience, let students learn to respect multiple values ​​and different cultures, and nurture their lifelong interest in art.

In order to promote students' learning, some groups co-organized courses with other institutions and invited traditional craft masters and artists to teach students, so that local crafts and traditional culture could be inherited. In addition, the school makes use of different platforms to display students' learning outcomes, and arranges participants to join competitions to enrich their performing experience. These activities help enhance students’ artistic skills, self-confidence, and further improve their personal growth.

A great success was made by all S4 students collaborated in a parade organized for the 45th anniversary celebration, with the main theme "Love the Earth".

At the curtain call, students were all proud of their performance.

Some AsD groups cooperated and performed together for the theme "Universe".

The theme of these groups was "Ocean".

In 2019, in order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement, our school took Bing Xin, a woman inspired by new movements in the era, as the protagonist. The script of "Bing Xin and the May Fourth Movement" was written by students and performed by AsD groups, so as to inspire students to strive with determination and perseverance when facing challenges.

Drama Group’s performance at the annual Aesthetic Development Variety Show.

Dance Group’s performance at the annual Aesthetic Development Variety Show.

AsD groups created, produced and performed the musical "Wii @ City in 2050" to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our school.