Leadership Training

We provide general leadership training to all S.3 students every year, to let them realize their potentials and try to enroll themselves to be future leaders.

All clubs’ leaders will be provided with a series of trainings, including a 2 days-1 night leadership training camp, meetings with outstanding leaders and teacher advisors, training workshops on time management, public speaking and marketing, etc.

Student leaders who perform outstandingly throughout the year can also apply for different leaders’ awards, scholarships and exchange opportunities.

2021-2022 Group photos of all student leaders

2021-2022 Leadership Training Camp is organized by S.6 students to the new student leaders.

2021-2022 Leadership Training Camp: Ms. Fong, the Vice Principal made a concluding speech.

2021-2022 Leadership Training Camp: Students participated actively in the camp.

2021-2022 Handprint Tradition for student leaders.