Dance Group

Course objectives

The course enables students :

  1. To emphasize skills training;

  2. To enhance coordination and flexibility;

  3. To enjoy the fun of dancing and stimulate their passion for dance;

  4. To strengthen their foundational concepts of traditional aesthetic and dance performance;

  5. To cultivate positive attitudes towards respect for multiple values and different cultures ;

  6. To cultivate a lifelong interest in dance.

Course content

Dance Group aims to let participants experience dance, starting from basic skill of rhythm training, dancing skills and then dance as a team, from which students will be able to develop their dancing skills. In addition, our dance group is provided with opportunities to participate in performances on and off school campus, including Graduation Ceremony and Aesthetic Development Variety Show. Members of the dance group can develop their sense of aesthetic appreciation, stretch potential, enhance collaborating skills, build confidence and express themselves through dancing.

Expressive and energetic movement of Dance Group’s annual performance.

Impressive and outstanding performance was made by Dance Group for the original musical "Wii @ City in 2050".

Students were engaged in expressive movements of modern dance.