Life Wide Learning Team

The school is committed to provide students with different learning opportunities outside the classroom with a view to consolidate their knowledge learned in the classroom, broaden the students' horizons, and to enhance their learning motivation and entrepreneurial spirit.

1. Overseas Exchange Program

The school provides the students with different overseas exchange activities to broaden their knowledge, cultivate their international horizons, and to enhance their communication skills.

Visiting a famous university in Japan

In 2017 joining a rowing activity with local students at Seattle Summer Training Camp

In 2019, the World Wide Fund for Nature (Hong Kong) Penang (Malaysia) Ecological Survey Group visited the Penang National Park.

In 2019, the Seoul exchange delegation of enterprises, conferences, and financial sciences visited KBS TV station

In 2019, Shanghai “The Belt and Road” International New Business Youth Training Camp participated in seminars with young people from all over the world.

2. Learning activities related to the courses outside of the classroom

In order to allow students to have a deeper understanding of what they have learned in the classroom, each subject group organizes different investigations and visits so that students can be compatible with their classroom knowledge to their actual needs.

Students studying biology examining the samples they have obtained in the laboratory

Students studying geography are on-the-spot investigation in Cheung Chau

Students studying Business, Accounting Financial Studies visited FedEx.

3. Experience activities

Students participate in diversified experiential learning activities, such as job shadow programs, mock interviews and business experience programs.

Students have the opportunity to participate in work shadow activities in different institutions and to experience first-hand experience of working in society for a day.

Mock interview activity

Business Experience Project

Business Experience Project