Student Association

The 31st Student Association of DMHC Siu Ming Catholic Secondary School


Executive Committee


We, Solaris are dedicated

  1. to act as a bridge to forge the connection between the school and schoolmates, so as to boost the sense of belonging and enhance the communication between them.

  2. to offer more help to solve schoolmates’ difficulties.

  3. to help create precious school memories among Siumingians with the help of Solaris.

  4. to lighten the school atmosphere by coordinating with the school’s target.

Internal Activities

  • Stay or Escape

  • K-pop Random Dance Game

  • F6 Encouragement Station

  • Live on Earth

  • Hong Kong Fencing Team Talk

  • Talent Quest

External Activities

  • Joint School Christmas Ball

  • Joint School Volunteer Service

  • Joint School Running Man

  • Joint School Leadership Training Camp


  • Product Selling

  • Cheer Up Station

  • Recruiting Board

  • Message Collection Box

  • Interviewing New Teachers

  • Umbrella borrowing service

  • Hand warmers giveaways

  • Paper boxes and reusable bags borrowing

  • Christmas decorations borrowing

  • Stationary Selling

31st Student Association "Solaris" Proposal

31st Student Association Solaris Proposal (1).pdf