Student Association

The 30th Student Association of DMHC Siu Ming Catholic Secondary School


Executive Committee


Hardihood [剛毅]

We hope to help schoolmates to develop bravery to express their feelings, giving them the courage to be themselves and stop living in the eye of others. Besides, fostering schoolmates the mindset of perseverance and not giving in, enabling them to conquer every fear and difficulty.

Metamorphosis [革新]

We are intended to gather schoolmates and allow them to ponder novel thoughts and ideas. As an attempt to spur their innovations, springing up new elements on campus. Encourage students to step out of their comfort zone, seeking new possibilities and widen their horizons.

Meticulous [細膩]

We hope to navigate students to get in touch with each other’s mental well-being in the crammed school routine. The willingness to observe small details and beware of other’s needs, spreading sympathy and so to break barriers between schoolmates.

Internal Activities

  • Seraphic (Secret angel)

  • Rutilant (Christmas Photo booth)

  • Meraki (F6 Comfort Zone)

  • Glanzig (Talent Quest)

External Activities

  • Edelweiss (Joint School Christmas Ball)

  • Dystopian (Joint School Leadership Training Camp)


  • Tidings (Students Association’s School Letter)

  • Product selling

  • SA paper selling

  • Stationery Selling

  • Christmas decoration borrowing

  • Umbrella borrowing

  • Reusable bag borrowing

  • Executive committee on duty every Friday