Activities of Gifted Education

Writers in Schools - Chinese Writing Programme

Our school invited Mr Tsui Cheuk-yin, an author, to conduct a writing workshop at our school to encourage students who were passionate about writing to develop their writing potentials through the guidance of the author and the activities of the workshop.

Writers on Campus Recruitment Scheme 2022/2023

Our students participated in the "Writers on Campus Recruitment Scheme 2022/2023" organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. In the programme, the organizers invited writers, editors and documentary filmmakers to share their creative experiences with the participating students and broaden their horizons. During the program, students from different schools could share their creative inspirations with each other and enhance their writing skills.

During the activities, students were able to meet many instructors who were engaged in writing work, such as writers, editors, reporters and directors, so that students could understand that there are many different possibilities in planning for the future, which was conducive to the development of career planning.  From the instructor's creative stories, students also learned to persevere in writing, develop their interest in creative writing, and enhance their writing skills.

Genetic Engineering Training Programme 2023

Four Form Four students participated in the Genetic Engineering Training Program organized by the Creative Education Units, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. They attended three-day full-day courses in either the Protein Stream and DNA Stream groups.

The training program provided an extensive coverage of knowledge in biotechnology and genetic engineering, allowing the students to gain a deeper understanding of both fields. The program offered hands-on experiments that were not typically available in school, enabling them to experience techniques such as bacterial cultivation and protein electrophoresis. These practical activities enhanced their experimental skills and techniques, providing them with a more enriching learning experience.