Drama Group

Course objectives

The course enables students :

  1. To understand the fundamental skills of the physical and emotional craft of acting;

  2. To understand stage art and backstage production;

  3. To build intellectual and aesthetic understanding of history and theory of theatre arts;

  4. To practice character analysis and learn how to create a dramatic character;

  5. To write script;

  6. To develop vocal, physical and imaginative skills to express theatre art;

  7. To cultivate positive attitudes towards respect for multiple values and different cultures.

Course content

Drama Group offers performing arts studies under a well-structured curriculum, including history and theory of drama, theatrical exercises, acting concepts, backstage production, role analysis, script writing, rehearsal and performance. The programmes allow students to experience different aspects of drama and arouse students’ interests in performing arts. Instructors guide students to develop acting techniques by applying theatrical games and improvisations in class. Participants will have a chance to write scripts, sharpen acting skills, and develop their ability to appreciate art, and become a confident and expressive individual.

Drama Group performed "Bing Xin and the May Fourth Movement".

Drama Group performed at an event for the 45th anniversary parade with the main theme "Love the Earth".

Drama Group’s performance at the annual Aesthetic Development Variety Show.