Competition of Gifted Education

Gifted Bebras Challenge Interscholastic Competition Hong Kong 2023

Four Form Four students and four Form Five students participated in the Gifted Bebras Challenge Interscholastic Competition Hong Kong 2023 organized by KPG Education Limited. They were required to apply higher-order thinking skills to solve various challenging mathematical scenarios.

In the competition, students must solve diverse and demanding math problems within a time limit, challenging their math abilities and problem-solving skills. They needed quick thinking to find innovative solutions while maintaining composure under pressure. Teamwork was emphasized, as they collaborated with teammates to analyze problems, share ideas, and discover optimal solutions. This cultivated teamwork, communication, and collaboration skills. Advanced logical thinking patterns were applied to identify problem patterns and utilize logical reasoning for complex math problem-solving. Through critical thinking, students overcame logical hurdles, enhancing their problem-solving and logical thinking abilities. This valuable experience profoundly impacted their learning and personal growth.

Hong Kong Biology Literacy Award (2022/2023)

The Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education (HKASME), together with Royal Society of Biology, The Education University of Hong Kong and The University of Hong Kong organized the competition. Four areas of questions were covered to test students’ understanding on Biology. The areas are: (1) Scientific inquiry; (2) Nature of science; (3) STEM Education; and (4) Science, technology, social & environment connection.

This competition was highly challenging as it encompasses various aspects of biological literacy, testing students' understanding of biological concepts and their ability to apply biological knowledge to real-life situations. Unlike school tests or exams that focused on memorizing textbook knowledge, the competition's questions required critical thinking and logical understanding. Students might encounter questions related to biology principles, ecosystems, genetics, molecular biology, and more. They needed to analyze problems from different perspectives, provide reasonable explanations and solutions, and demonstrate strong logical comprehension skills. This competition provided valuable opportunities for students to develop critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities, while applying biological knowledge to real-life contexts. It had a profound impact on their learning and personal growth.

The 25th Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Competition

Students conducted two science projects - one was on the feeding behaviour of golden apple snails, and the other was on the replacement of strong alkalis with lipase in soap-making reactions. In the research process, students formulated intriguing investigation questions and designed practical experiments in the laboratory. 

The experience had taught the students that science was about asking questions and discovering new knowledge through scientific methods. Working as a group had also allowed the students to realise the importance of collaboration and communication.

Korean Science and Engineering Fair International Award

The 3rd Hong Kong Secondary School Cosmetic Formulation Competition

In the competition, students used and developed a new makeup remover formula based on the raw materials and basic formula provided by the organizer and shoot a video including the introduction and production process of the product.

In this competition, students had a valuable opportunity to try developing makeup remover. It was not only trained students abilities in data collection and experimental skills, but also cultivated their innovative thinking and interest in the field of chemistry. 

Best Video Award

The 12th University Literary Award (2022-23)

3 students participated in the 12th University Literary Award (2022-23) organized by Hong Kong Baptist University in order to inspire students' passion for creativity.

Acceptance Speech by HUI KA KA

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Outstanding Writer Award by fiction writing