Life Planning Education 

Life planning education is an integral part of the school curriculum, helping students to make wise choices in accordance with their interests, abilities and aptitude, thereby connecting their career/academic aspirations with whole-person development and life-long learning. Every year, our Life Planning Education and Career Guidance Team organizes various activities to meet the needs of students at different levels in a co-ordinated and systematic manner.

Talks on subject selection, strategy and university entrance requirements are arranged for junior form students. Sharing sessions with senior form girls and past pupils are conducted for them to exchange views and ideas. For senior form students, career exploration and career planning and management are the main components of activities. A variety of career-related experience activities ranging from firm visits, success skills workshops, job shadowing to case competitions, company program and working reality program are arranged for them to explore and reflect upon study choices and occupation choices. To familiarize students and parents with JUPAS application and multiple pathways for S.6 students, a series of life planning education lessons, individual as well as group counselling are provided.

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