Life Wide Learning Team

2. Overseas Exchange Program / Exchange Program with Foreign Companies and Organizations

The school provides the students with different overseas exchange activities to broaden their knowledge, cultivate their international horizons, and to enhance their communication skills.

Visiting a famous university in Japan 

In 2017 joining a rowing activity with local students at Seattle Summer Training Camp

In 2019, the World Wide Fund for Nature (Hong Kong) Penang (Malaysia) Ecological Survey Group visited the Penang National Park.

In 2019, the Seoul exchange delegation of enterprises, conferences, and financial sciences visited KBS TV station

In 2019, Shanghai “The Belt and Road” International New Business Youth Training Camp participated in seminars with young people from all over the world.

In 2022, Ms. Chaitali Patel, Global Director of 100 Women in Finance, visited our school and interacted with students who are interested in financial planning.