School Development Plan

5-year School Development Plan (2021-2026)

Main Theme: Build an “Amoris Laetitia” Family Together

  • Student Academic Development: To develop the curriculum with multiple pathways catering for learning diversity

  • Student Formation and Student Support: To create positive learning experience for our students with the ability to live and think positively towards themselves and search for meaning in their lives.

Build an “Amoris Laetitia” Family Together

Implementation Methods

The school development plan of this year is divided into two aspects, namely academic development and student formation. In terms of academic development, students' knowledge, skills and ability to integrate materials are developed in an innovative way through the promotion of cross-subjects collaborative learning. Related activities are held to promote Language across Curriculum and stimulate students' thinking, which allow students to flexibly apply subject knowledge in daily life e.g. STEM Education.

In order to enable students develop their use of English, cross-subjects English programmes are organised to enhance students’ English ability, build their confidence in using English and strengthen their knowledge in different subjects (Language Across Curriculum). Language Across Curriculum is promoted via the Refined English Enhancement Scheme. Students are enabled to apply relevant sentence patterns and vocabulary to consolidate what they have learnt in content subjects through collaborative learning and English activities.

With the development of technology and the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, our subject departments use different methods in blended learning to stimulate students' learning motivation and abilities.

Our school promotes Positive Education. On cognitive perspective, the school fosters positive psychological, social and physical environments by utilizing class teacher periods, assemblies and class activities for students to experience so that they can learn to live a positive life. On practical perspective, students’ learning experiences are enhanced by experiential learning in real and authentic settings. By doing so, students are able to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, personalities and abilities and thereafter, they will search for the meaning of their lives. Students’ spiritual well-being and values are also developed by practicing mindfulness, adopting sustainable lifestyle and participating in extra-curricular activities