Stage & Props Design Group

Course objectives

The course enables students :

  1. To understand the basic concept of stage art;

  2. To understand the different styles of stage art;

  3. To create the stage design drawings;

  4. To make a model of the stage designed;

  5. To explore different media and elements from sculpture, crafts and fine art to create props;

  6. To cultivate creativity, analytical skills and props making technique;

  7. To cultivate interest in stage art and creating artwork.

Course content

In the Stage and Props Design Team, students can understand stage design through different activities, such as musical appreciation and analysis, overview of different types of stages, learning the concept, style, elements and structure of stage design, applying perspective to design drawings, making models and three-dimensional props for a performance. It not only introduces students the essentials of aesthetics and design methods, but also nourishes students’ creative thinking, technique, ability and vision, by integrating diverse learning experience with a hands-on curriculum.

In collaboration with The Jockey Club Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) carried out this year, students could learn about the background of paper crafting technique, theory and craftsmanship from cooperating artist. Paper craft products were shaped with solid bamboo, strips of bamboo and rice paper, in addition to silk fabric. After the three-dimensional skeleton of lantern was formed, its body got assembled and decorated. Moreover, participants also made three-dimensional paper sculptures, which enhanced their understanding of three-dimensional modeling and technique of making props.

Stage and Props Design Team collaborated with Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) ,artists were invited to the school to teach students to make paper crafting lanterns.

Massive and impressive paper crafting artworks were made for the 45th Anniversary’s Parade.

The process of making massive paper crafting artworks.

Some of the paper crafting artworks designed and made by students for celebrating the 45th anniversary.

As the main theme of parade was "Love the Earth", solid plastic waste and daily disposals were transformed into delightful and amazing artworks. Students' environmental awareness was strengthened through the activity.

Students paid a visit on the Open Day of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and appreciated the artworks from the Department of Theatre & Entertainment Arts.

Students made a visit to "Back to Front" which showed marvelous stage and props design artworks. They have learnt what was behind the scene and backstage production, and gasped the opportunity to understand the mystery of stage art.

In collaboration with Fashion & Image Group, scenic design was produced for specific costume and theme.

The models of stage designed for the theme "Chocolate Factory"

Stage and props designed for the musical of 40th Anniversary.

Computer graphics designed for the theme "Love".

Students made use of models to explore lighting design ideas, they could then understand the importance of lighting and how it could be carried out in various ways.

Three-dimensional paper sculptures produced by students under The Jockey Club Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Education Programme.