Academic / Interest Clubs, Service Teams and School Teams

There are more than 40 ECA Groups and Clubs in our school, providing a great variety of activities to our students in culture, sports, art and music, academic, religious and skills. All of the ECA Groups and Clubs were organized by student leaders from S.3-5 with the facilitation of the teacher advisors.

Students who want to become the clubs’ leaders need to hand in their proposal through a self-nomination scheme. After various selection processes, more than 100 students were chosen each year to become the student leaders.

Students can also apply for creating a new ECA club by submitting proposal and present their ideas to the teacher advisors. There are three new clubs were created in 2021-2022.

2021-2022 ECA Information Day: Students get to know the ECA clubs of the school

2021-2022 English Club – Read-aloud buddy scheme

2021-2022 Birdwatching Team: Mai Po outing

2021-2022 Broadcasting Club: Radio Drama Competition & Interview by Metro Broadcast’s DJ

2021-2022 Catholic Society Activity

2021-2022 Eco Club: Edinburg Training Day Camp

2023-2024 The ECA Club list