Curriculum and MOI


In order to cater for the needs of an ever-changing society and the diverse interests and abilities of students, our School offers a diversified curriculum e.g. Life and Society in S.1 to S.3, S.1 Social Studies is split into History and Geography in S.2, English Literature lessons from an integral part of the junior English curriculum and the drama training is incorporated into the S.2 English Language curriculum. Students' thinking skills, generic skills, positive values and attitudes are developed through the implementation of subject-based or cross-curricular project-based learning at all levels, and by the integration of thinking skills and preliminaries of Liberal Studies into different subjects at the junior secondary levels. With regard to elective subjects at senior levels, combinations of subjects in the arts, science and business streams are offered to students. Flexibility of timetabling enables the school to conduct a wide variety of activities. Other Learning Experiences e.g. Aesthetic Education and Career-related Experiences, etc are offered to senior secondary students both within and outside of school hours, which help students broaden their horizons.

S.1 STEM Activities

The following table shows the subjects offered in 2019-2020:

( *– School-based Curriculum )

S.1 – S.3

  1. English Language

  2. Chinese Language

  3. Putonghua (S.1 – S.2)

  4. Mathematics

  5. Ethics & Religious Education*

  6. Chinese History

  7. Social Studies (S.1) *

  8. History (S.2 – S.3)

  9. Geography (S.2 – S.3)

  10. Life & Society (S.1 – S.3) *

  11. Science (S.1 – S.2)

  12. Biology (S.3)

  13. Chemistry (S.3)

  14. Physics (S.3)

  15. Computer Literacy

  16. Technology & Living

  17. Music

  18. Visual Arts

  19. Physical Education

S.4 – S.6

  1. English Language

  2. Chinese Language

  3. Mathematics

  4. Mathematics (Extended Module)

  5. Liberal Studies

  6. Ethics & Religious Education*

  7. Chinese History

  8. History

  9. Geography

  10. Chinese Literature

  11. Economics

  12. Ethics and Religious Studies

  13. Visual Arts

  14. Music

  15. Business, Accounting and Financial Studies

  16. Biology

  17. Chemistry

  18. Physics

  19. Music*

  20. Aesthetic Development*

  21. Physical Education*

Medium of Instruction (MOI)

Various learning approaches are adopted to enhance students' bi-literate and tri-lingual language abilities.

English is uniformly used as the medium of instruction at all form levels except for the subjects of Chinese Language, Chinese History, Putonghua, Chinese Literature, Liberal Studies, Ethics & Religious Education, Life & Society and Visual Arts where Chinese is used instead.