STEM Education

According to the executive summary in the “Report on Promotion of STEM Education – Unleashing Potential in Innovation” which was published by the EDB in December 2016, the promotion of STEM education aligns with the global trend of equipping students for our world’s rapid economic, scientific and technological developments, as well as for the changes and challenges in society and around the world. Our school formed its STEM Education team in June 2017. In order to enhance our students’ understanding of the connections and links across different science disciplines, STEM education in our school focuses on developing science process skills and providing opportunities for students to make their own products with hands-on and minds-on experiences.

Enrich learning activities for students through:

(A) STEM in lessons

Making different products

(B) STEM activities after school


STEM Workshop

STEM talk

STEM Carnival

(C) STEM competition